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You Have To Work To Get THIS Good
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17th-Jun-2008 02:45 pm - If you wanna add me...
Rocky Horror - lips
Go right ahead.

Basically you just gotta know a few things before you hit that 'add' button:

-My entries tend to get rather lengthy.
-Occasional bitching/ranting occurs, and when it does, it's full throttle.
-I have many odd phrases, quirks, sayings and just... general oddities, but you'll get used to them real quick :)
-Randomness is never at a loss around here.
-I'm silly.
-I don't refrain from saying what I want to - it is my journal after all!
-If you wanna check out what we have in common, check out my profile, I've got all the important music/movies/TV goodies listed there.
-I'm friendly - I like to get to actually KNOW the people I'm friending.

That is all :]
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